Whats your view?


Dear readers,

Welcome to my blog! Ive been intending to begin this project for so many years, but ‘stuff’ has always gotten in the way, (I know many of you can relate to that!)
The reason I have begun this blog is to provide a platform for not only myself, but for all out there to provide their thoughts on all of todays world issues.

Im hoping that by providing this platform, maybe, just maybe, we can, as a collective,transform some of todays social, political, family, physical, emotional, etc ( the list can go on forever!)issues.

Today’s aim is to find out from you, what you would like to discuss,explore,change,(can be anything!).

I myself am very concerned about the worlds refugee crisis, and I will be posting my views on that shortly!

Encouraged is open, lively, honest dialogue and I invite all to share thier views on future topics.

In the near future I would like to set up petition pages ( any subject which advocates positive changes welcome!) as its my hope to one day make this beautiful earth we live on even more beautiful!

I thank you in advance for your audience. So, lets get started!

Whats your view?

See you soon!


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